Tando Ashanti

by Hexis

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Quattuordecim homines, septem viri et septem feminae. Omnia in aeorum corporibus et animis inscripta sunt et in oculis tuis. Omnia in obscuris symbolis inscripta sunt, symbolis institutis victimis et humilibus. Haec mortuorum, haec humilium resurrectio est, sine vita.
Faithless. But yet you pray in hope that your nightmares will disappear, that these images will leave your head, leave your mind. Tied into anxiety, tied into hopelessness. Surrounded by flies, surrounded by thousands of eyes. Faithless. God is not here today.
A bag of guilt, heavy like a mountain, heavy like a thousand stones, tightened around your neck, tightened around your soul. They speak the words of the lord, they speak them loudly. But today is the day, today is the final day. The day where dreams turn into nightmares.
I can see your fear, I can feel your anxiety. This is the holy rite, the rite that wrecks you, this is the end of our existence. The sins of the father, the sins of the sons, tangled in a string of lies. Scratch these words in the holy walls, scratch these words in the holy bones.
The cross against your lips one last time. Hold it tight one last time, experience the loss of your faith, experience what's beyond. Look into the eyes of the man of god who wears the golden tooth. Where is your god.
Another night turns into a nightmare, again and again, with your feet planted on the tip of the cliffs, with your feet planted on the edge.
As shadows it passes by, creating what is his, taking what was yours. Purging the body, the body of the heartless. Immerse them, immerse the victims, immerse all life, the fragile souls. The shadows they pass, purging the souls.
Flesh turns into ash, your smile deceased, decease the light. That mirror reflects nothing but an evil grin. Dragged into the other side, everything begins, and everything ends. Dragged into the other side, the walk begins. I will lend you my hand and watch you perish. I will witness your calvary. I will sing your dirge. I will be your death.
Resurrection of the dead, resurrection of the weak.
Fourteen humans, seven men, seven women. It's all written into their bodies, in their minds, in your eyes. It's all written in the black symbols, the symbols made for the victims, made for the weak. Resurrection of the dead, resurrection of the weak. Lifeless.
Trapped in a black mind, trapped in the unknown, chained to the dark side, you will never get back. The omens of death, the reaper of life, the reaper of death. Touchless souls, touchless voices. Bound with a knife to your neck, bound in front of the altar.


released April 8, 2017


all rights reserved



Hexis Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen based Black metal/ Hardcore/ Post-metal band established in the beginning of 2010.


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